Zacarias is the oldest of the five De La Cruz brothers, who were sent by Prince Vladimir Dubrinsky to the jungles of South America to rid the continent of the vampire, in protection of the Carpathian race. They have a ranch on the edge of the forest.

Trivia Edit

  • Zacarias is the only male who had his colors and emotions returned slowly. This is due to the amount of darkness within him. Without Marguarita, however, all brightness leaves him in a dull world and the darkness creeps back in.
    • This was inherited from his father, who had immediately turned vampire after his lifemate died, forcing Zacarias to kill his own father to protect his younger brothers. Of course, Zacarias thinks fate played a prank on him and Marguarita arrived far too late to save his soul.
    • At first, Zacarias couldn't feel his emotions, but Marguarita could, telling him that his emotions were deep. She even brought forth the memory of him killing his father, saying that because she found the memory, the pain from it hadn't disappeared. This only angered Zacarias, who had buried the memory a thousand years earlier.
  • So far, Zacarias is the only person to have had to kill their own father after he turned vampire.