Yana lost her mother not too long ago and lives alone. She loves interacting with people and was very close to her mother. Due to loneliness, she adopted a cat to be her companion. She loves animals and people. Yana is probably the most beloved person in the history of humans because the Lycans, Carpathians, and the Mages all adore her.

Yana is a midwife and herbalist. She makes her living selling medicines and herbs. She provides much needed remedies for all races. She has a beautiful heart and always wants to help people. She is trusted by all, just as her mother before her. Part of her bedside manner has to do with being an empath. She knows how people are feeling and puts them at ease. She has an "open door" policy and her home is always at the ready for any unexpected guests.

She is a family friend to Roman Daratrazanoff. It is revealed in the bonus episode of Before the Dark, A Fate Sealed in Blood, that Yana is lifemate to Draven. If Draven had been allowed to claim her, she would have been the first human to be the lifemate to a Carpathian. However, so that Draven would do what he wanted, Xavier murdered her.