There are multiple characters with this name. You may be looking for Vlad Belendrake.

Vladimir was lifemate to Sarantha Dubrinsky. They were the original mated pair, prince and lifemate of the Carpathian people. His best friend, Roman Daratrazanoff, was his second, though Vlad did not confide in him about Draven's illness. Vlad and Sarantha died during the Turkish invasion in 1400. He and his lifemate currently reside in the Land of Mist, waiting until his duty if finished to go into the next life.

In Dark Possession, when he met Manolito in the Land of Mist, and heard him confess to his family's part in the Malinov Brothers' plan to overthrow him and his line, he was not disappointed in anyway nor did he condemn Manolito and his brothers, or the Malinov Brothers. In fact, he understood everything they had planned, agreeing that his decision to try and save Draven was not sound. After this, Vlad gave what knowledge he had to aid their people and his advise to Manolito so that he could stop Maxim. At the end of the battle of wits, which Manolito won, Vlad and Sarantha condemned Draven and sent him to the next life.