There are multiple characters with this similar name. You may be looking for Valenteen or Valentine.

Val is an ancient Carpathian hunter who was thought long dead. In actuality, he was being held by master vampires in an underground lair where they monitored the movements of Carpathian hunters and psychic human women, as well as tortured both species. Blaze McGuire freed him in Dark Crime and Emeline Sanchez gave him enough of her blood to fight back against the vampires and then track her when she was kidnapped.

In Dark Carousel, when Charlotte uses her ability to read objects in Vadim's underground lair, she sees Val holding Liv. In the midst of being fed from, he talks to the ten-year-old child. She curls into him for protection when none existed. He offers her life and she accepts. He gives her a blood exchange, binding them together, which explains why she is unable to eat anything but broth. Later, it is revealed that Liv is his lifemate, earning his protection, and when she comes of age, everything he is.