Trixie was 15 years old when she had Sherise, her only daughter. She raised her on her own, as she was abandoned by her boyfriend and parents. Sherise became pregnant when she was 16, but married Terence, the father, and had two more daughters with him after their first. After he died at 24, Sherise moved back in with Trixie, who helped her raise the three girls. Years later, Sherise fell in love with Charles Drake, who left her when he found out she was pregnant with Teagan. Sherise died giving birth to her fourth daughter.

Later in life, Trixie began to believe in vampires and joined the Vampire Hunting Society. Teagan feared that her grandmother was becoming senile, so she went to the Carpathian Mountains in search of a gem that could heal her mind. There she met her lifemate, Andre Boroi, and was converted to a Carpathian. Trixie was concerned that her granddaughter had been duped by a nefarious man, so she traveled to the same place with some of the society members. Almost immediately, she realized that they were dangerous fanatics and set off on her own. She was drawn to the monastery where ancient Carpathian warriors retired when they grew too close to darkness to safely hunt vampires. At the monastery, she met her own lifemate, the gatekeeper Fane. He converted her and returned to the United States with Trixie, Teagan, and Andre. She is sixty-some-odd years old in Dark Promises.

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