Decided long before Vlad was prince, a group of hunters formed a secret council. This is because one person having as much power as the prince was very dangerous, and the family liken would be marred by bad blood. If the prince's state of mind or judgment came into question, they would decide if he should be removed and a replacement prince put in his place.

If the prince's actions were called into question, each of the members would visit the prince under some pretense to try and learn what they could. If they all believed that there was cause for concern, the prince's heir would replace him. If not, nothing would be done. It was a majority vote type of council.

Each member of the council has something they guard. These are all small pieces of what may have been a "larger stone from the earliest history of the Carpathian Mountains. The flysch band is the only interconnecting band that runs throughout the entire mountain range. These five pieces should be fragile as they are from what is essentially shale carved into interlocking pieces. They are of the earth, of the mountains."[1] However, the pieces are strong and not brittle.

Possible Members[edit | edit source]

Some are past members and some are current members. There are five members apart of the council at a time. The winning decision is usually 3-2. For their safety, none of the members know any of the others, and the votes are cast anonymously.

References[edit | edit source]

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