Teagan's mother was African American and her father, Charles Drake, was white. When he learned about the pregnancy, he abandoned Sherise. She had three other daughters from a previous man named Terence, and died giving birth to Teagan. Teagan and her three half-sisters were raised by their grandmother, Trixie.

When Trixie begins to talk about hunting vampires, Teagan fears that the beloved woman is going insane. Teagan travels to the Carpathian Mountains in search of a crystal that she can use to heal Trixie's mind. She asks her old college friend, Armend Jashari, to be her guide. He turns about to be a serial rapist and murderer, and attacks her. While Teagan is fleeing him, she senses the crystal and enters the same cave where her lifemate André is healing.

In Dark Promises, she extends an offer to the ancients at the monastery to give them some more time before they seek the dawn with honor. However, an incident between Gary, Aleksei, and Gabrielle takes place, followed quickly by a group of Vampire Hunting Society members coming up the mountain, lead by her own grandmother. She tries to convince Andre her grandmother wouldn't hurt her, but she knows that he will protect her and his people without hesitation should Trixie pose a threat to either of them.