Tariq is an ancient Carpathian that lives in the United States. He seems close to turning vampire.

In Dark Crime and Dark Carousel, it is revealed that he and Maksim own a successful night club together. He finds Charlotte outside his club, facing Fridrick Astor, a childhood friend turned vampire. It is later revealed that Tariq collects antique carousel horses, which Charlotte is passionate about restoring.

At the end of Dark Crime, Tariq is trying to get guardian ship of the four children, Danny, Amelia, Liv, and Bella, that Emeline and Blaze saved from Vadim. All four children have psychic abilities. At the beginning of Dark Carousel, Tariq is days away from having guardianship of the children.

In Dark Legacy, he has gain custody of all four children. He learns that Amelia has a splinter of Vadim inside of her and is being forced to harm those she loves. He is at a loss on how to save his daughter. But, with the help of Dragomir and Emeline, his family is safe. It is revealed that he will be the leader of the Carpathian Stronghold in the U.S. because Mikhail saw his abilities and fortitude, and ordered it so, with Gary as his second in command. Tariq is not happy, but he swore an oath to his prince and, though the burden is heavy and unwanted, he accepts his duty.