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This is a list of psychic abilities that are strongest or unique for the character. This excludes abilities that all members of the species can utilize unless that is the individual's strongest known ability. For example, all Carpathians can heal others, but Character X is strongest in healing. Pure-blooded Lycans and Jaguars will not be placed under the shapeshifting section due to the entire species being able to change their shape.

Those born with mixed blood, or diluted blood, will be listed here if they were born that way and have a strong ability. If they are able to shape shift, that will be the ability they will be listed under as well, but they will not be limited to that one section.

Some characters will be listed multiple times. This is because they have multiple abilities. If they come from a race known to have those abilities, then the character may listed under multiple abilities due to the strength of that particular power.

Animal Telepathy[]

The ability to communicate with animals via the mind. This could be through mental pictures, projected emotions, or speech with the mind. They are also able to control the creature's movements if their ability is strong enough, even having the animal believe they chose to do the task with no outside influence.

Astral Projection[]

The ability to move one's spirit through time and/or space. This could mean that someone travels to the past or future, but this often requires a secondary ability. Otherwise, they travel in the present, often far from their bodies.

Aura Reading[]

The ability to see a rainbow of color around others. Some don't always see color but can feel the vibrations of the aura or energy of beings and things.


This is the ability to gain information without prior knowledge about situations, such as sensing evil or dark events.

Earth Empathy[]

Can also be called Nature Empathy. It is a connection to the earth that allows them to feel if it is damaged or call on it for certain tasks. Those on this list had the connection since birth or those of their bloodline had it but it lay dormant until certain conditions were met. Some on this list have a branch of Earth Empathy rather than control over the soil itself.


The ability to sense emotions in other. This is sometimes coupled with the ability to calm or manipulate the moods/feelings of others.


Also called Psychic Surgery or Vitakinesis. This is the ability to heal wounds of all kinds with the mind, possibly alongside the hands.

Mental Shield[]

These individuals' ability is to protect their mind from psychic manipulation.

Photographic Memory[]

Though not really a psychic ability, and many Carpathians seem to be able to tap into this ability, few are more adapt in using it. They are not able to remember everything, as that is impossible even for Carpathians, but they knew what memories to keep on a subconscious level that would aid them later. This could be of strategies, spells, lists, etc. However, all are limited in that their natures, environments, and experiences determine what information they keep and what fades with time.

*Please keep in mind that a male remembering the face of everyone he had to destroy does not count as it comes from the killing and any associated sympathy and guilt from the act. Anyone who works in a field where there is a chance of death (armed forces, medical, law enforcement, etc.) also suffer from such occurrences, where every person shot, lost on the operating table, unsaved in a fire, and so on remain in the minds of the survivors for all time.*


This is the ability to see into the future in some form. This could be by divination, dreaming, etc., but is not limited to a specific method. If they must use outside tools or means, it will next to their name.


This is the ability to gain information through touch.

Shape Shifting[]

These are people able to change their physical form. Only those with mixed blood (human+mythical species) at birth are on this list. Their alternate form will be next to their names.

Sonarific Empathy[]

Also called Musical Empathy or Harmonic Empathy. This is the ability to hear or use music to aid others. In hearing music, this could be the song a person gives off from their soul, or the music from items of importance. Some people can even use natural or man-made sounds to find places after only hearing the sound once.


The ability to read, project into, or talk to others via the mind.


The ability to move objects with the mind.


These are people that have a unique ability that is strongest in them. However, if the ability has only a small number (1-2 people), they will also appear here.


We know these characters have abilities, but they have yet to be revealed or there is no need to reveal them.


  • Earth Empathy and Sonarific Empathy are not known abilities that can be found on the web, nor are the other names they may be called. Because those particular abilities were unnamed on any known psychic power list or website, names that best described the like abilities were created instead.