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Shea O'Halloran used to be a surgeon but is now a Carpathian researcher and healer for her people, specializing in the care of Carpathian infants.


Early life[]

Shea was born out of wedlock to Maggie O'Halloran in Romania. Her father, a Carpathian named Rand, had at the time been put to the rejuvenating rest of Carpathians and was not present. Shea's mother, thinking her lover dead and fearing the sensation Shea's unusual blood had caused, fled with the infant Shea to Ireland, her homeland. Shea had a difficult childhood as her mother often ignored her and also because of her unusual need for blood to sustain her life. When Shea turned eighteen, Maggie committed suicide, leaving Shea alone in the world. Believing her need for blood and her differences to be caused by a rare blood disorder, Shea devoted herself to becoming a doctor, wanting to research and find a cure for herself and all those like her.

Dark Desire[]

Shea is vaguely referenced in the beginning of the story as feeling the torture Jacques is experiencing through their, at the time, unknown bond as lifemates. She is introduced officially to the story as a renowned surgeon in an interview with two men from the fanatical human vampire-hunting society, believing her to be vampire. She escapes their clutches and is forced into a life on the run, which takes her to Europe and her birthplace. There, she finds Jacques, a man so tortured and wounded she is hard pressed to believe he has survived these past years. Drugged, tortured and left for dead, he loses much of his memory and mind with Shea his only link remaining to the world. He becomes more beast than man, instinct ruling over rationality and inadvertently converts Shea. Due to the torture that shattered his mind, he is always partially mind-merged with Shea to be in constant control of his sanity.

Dark Celebration[]

Shea gave birth to her son.

Dark Curse[]

Shea and Jacques go to the naming ceremony for Stefan.


  • Shea is the first person, and first lifemate, to be half human and half Carpathian introduced in the series.
    • Chronologically, the unnamed baby girl, sister to Arabejila, was the first half Carpathian.