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Sandu is one of the many ancients that lives in the monastery known as the Retreat in the Veil of Mists. After Gabrielle, Trixie, and Teagan showed them the general area to look, he, Dragomir, Isai, Petru, Benedek, Ferro, and Andor set out to find their lifemates, hope filling them once more.

In Dark Sentinel, Gary aids Andor as a healer. However, with Andor so gravely wounded, he had to try and retrieve him from the Tree of Life. He did this for several risings, but had to eventually call on the aid of Lorraine, Andor's lifemate. He, Gary, and Ferro bound their souls to Andor and Lorraine to protect Lorraine, as she was still human at the time, as she binds her soul to Andor's.

In Dark Song, Sandu was effected by dark forces and nearly turned vampire after Josef tried to teach him to use a tablet, which he called a demon tablet. He was but the first to have this happen. Elisabeta equated the anger to burns on the brain, as it wasn't a natural anger. Sandu had mostly bits of red on the armygdala (region of the brain responsible for emotion) and numerous surface bits on his prefrontal cortex.

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