Roman is best friend and second to Vladimir Dubrinsky, prince of the Carpathians. He tries to get Vlad to talk about Draven's illness, but is unsuccessful. He is friends with Yana the human empath, just as he was with her mother before her. During the web series, Before the Dark: A Carpathian Prequel, Yana and Roman talk about his son's name and how Roman's lifemate, Leila, won the argument on how Gregori's name was pronounced (it is pronounced GREH-gur-ree and not GREH-gor-ree). Roman was highly upset when Vlad said not to look for Yana's murderer. Roman and Leila were killed during the Turkish invasion in 1400. His brother is Mitro Daratrazanoff, who is said to be the oldest vampire in existence.