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Nicoletta is the local healer and possible psychic in a quaint Italian village. When the don, Giovanni Scarletti, picks her to become the new Scarletti wife, innocent Nicoletta becomes determined to break the curse over the Scarletti family to save herself and Giovanni's niece, Sophie, who is also in danger despite her fear of the curse. The locals have named the house Palazzo del Morte (Palace of Death) because the Scarletti wives suffer mysterious and tragic deaths within its walls. According to the legend, all the wives that enter the Scarletti home leave in a coffin. Nicoletta is the ancestor of Antonietta Scarletti, lifemate to Byron Justicano.

Thoughts on the Curse[edit | edit source]

Nicoletta believes that the curse is nothing more than the dark emotion jealousy. The women have gone insane or were murdered, and Nicoletta traced it back to that black emotion and knew that if Giovanni could simply trust her and their love, he would not give into the "curse" because he would know she would always want and love him.

Everyone has weakness, Giovanni. Even the Scarlettis. Jealousy is just as wrong as telling an untruth. It eats one from the inside out, destroys men and women. It is a weakness, not a curse....You should not give it merit, should not nurture or feed it or allow it any power over you at all. In truth, it is something you must fight, like an enemy or an illness. Be vigilant at all times, never lower your guard, and you will conquer the 'curse.'

–Nicoletta Sigmora, The Scarletti Curse, pages 352-253

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