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Nicolas is the second oldest of the five De La Cruz brothers, who were sent by Prince Vladimer Dubrinsky to the jungles of South America to rid the continent of the vampire, in protection of the Carpathian race. They have a ranch on the edge of the forest.

It was revealed that he and his brothers had helped the Malinov brothers to plan for overthrowing the Dubrinsky line. They all consider it one of their greatest shames. He also shared what Manolito had discovered in the Land of Mist when he faced Draven and Maxim. However, because they abandoned the plan as foolish and proved their loyalty many times over, no one blames them for their part for what five mad men chose to do.

He found his lifemate, Lara, at Slavica's inn after she and her colleagues were attacked. He then claimed her without knowing anything about her, which is typical for males. However, because he didn't take the time to get to know her, he inadvertently hurt her by chaining her to him, literally. This triggered her need to escape more than anything he had done previously. She tried to kill herself rather than be his prisoner. It was then he learned of his greatest shame: not learning about his lifemate to properly care for her. From that point on, he made it a point to learn everything about her, even aiding her in rescuing her aunts, Branislava and Tatijana, two treasures the Carpathian people desperately needed from the Dragonseeker line.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nicolas was not Lara's original lifemate. Dax had claimed her heart first, but Nicolas stole her from Dax.
  • Nicolas is the first to have to delay the final blood exchange due to his lifemate being needed. This is the first instance of a lifemate's conversion being delayed out of necessity for non-health reasons.
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