Natalya is a member of the Dragonseeker clan. She has been on the run from Xavier and hunted by the vampires for many years. When her lifemate, Vikirnoff, bound them together, she believed he had used a spell and attempted to find a spell to reverse his claim. No matter how often he tried to tell her it wasn't a spell, she refused to believe until she realized that she couldn't live without him, giving up on reversing the binding ritual. When she found out that her beloved twin, Razvan, had sided with Xavier, the betrayal she felt shattered everything she believe. She has ophidiophobia, a fear of snakes.

Vikirnoff had previously seen her in a dream, but when Nicolae gave him her photo in Dark Destiny, Vikirnoff knew her eyes were a vivid blue like the sea. A vampire from the Morrison Center was looking for her and asked for MaryAnn's help should Natalya come for aid. The task of searching for and protecting the then unknown woman is what let Vikirnoff survive to find his lifemate.

Trivia Edit

  • It is hinted in the first chapter of Dark Demon that Natalya is staying at the same inn and in the same room as Raven had in Dark Prince.
  • Natalya was the first to describe what the Dragonseeker birthmark looks like, doing so when she met with Colby in Dark Secret. In the Dark Sentinel Contest on Facebook and in the Members Only section of Christine Feehan's website in September 2018, one of the prizes was a temporary tattoo of a dragon breathing fire. It is unknown if this is supposed to be the Dragonseeker birthmark, but many fans believe this to be the case.
    Dragonseekerbirthmark v2

    Temporary tattoo prize in the Facebook and Members Only contests from September 2018.

  • Natalya is also the first person to defeat a Shadow Warrior.
  • She and Vikirnoff end up finding the same path as Joie used to find Traian in Dark Descent, even finding evidence of where the Carpathian had been held captive months earlier.