Mikhail Dubrinsky is the Prince of the Carpathian people and the hero of Dark Prince, the first book of the Dark Series.

Early Life Edit

Mikhail Dubrinsky was born in the Carpathian Mountains and at the behest of the Dark Twins, Lucian and Gabriel, ascended his father's title of Prince of the Carpathians after the death of his parents during the Ottoman Turk wars.

Dark Prince Edit

At the beginning of Dark Prince, Mikhail is contemplating walking into the dawn, weary of the hopelessness he sees in the fate of his race. He is however halted from his thoughts at the intriguing telepathic conversation a young human woman initiates with him. He soon realizes the woman, Raven Whitney, is his lifemate.

Dark Demon Edit

During his battle with Maxim, Gregori steps in to protect Mikhail, only to lose his hand. Because of the Dubrinsky-Daratrazanoff Bond, Mikhail was able to regrow Gregori's hand before finishing off Maxim.

Dark Celebration Edit

Mikhail pranks Gregori into playing Santa Claus, as the idea of the prince of the Carpathians playing such a role is abhorrent. However, Gregori and a pregnant Savannah turn it against them and put on a beautiful performance for the children.