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Mages are a magical species that are considered the closest to humans out of all of the species. They do live longer than humans, but not nearly as long as Jaguars, Lycans, or Carpathians.

In recent centuries, mages have split between those that sided with Xavier and his brothers to do evil, and the good mages that went into hiding.



Mages are able to call on the innate energies of nature to perform some amazing feats. Spells are divided into two types:

Light Magic[]

Spells that fall into this category aid in growth, protection, or elimination of dark spells placed on people. The strongest spells are those that use life to dispel death or blood spells.

Neutral Magic[]

Could also be called Gray Magic, these spells are neither good or bad. They do not require life or death to cast them, but can be just as powerful. They can also be likened to a prayer without intent.

Dark Magic[]

Spells that fall into this category force people to do evil, take away free will, force the dead into servitude, bring the dead back to life, and use blood for dark means.

Mage Shadow[]

When a Mage shadows someone, when that person is asked direct questions about who put the shadow on them or why, they will get severe headaches. However, if they try to push past that pain, they can cause their brain to bleed or even death. Only a high mage can shadow a person without their knowledge or consent, and it appears like a scar on the brain. To remove it is risky, even dangerous. The mage that put the shadow in the person can use it to spy and even control them, though it is vastly different from splinters as shadows come with safeguards, yet both remove free will. Also like splinters, the mage wears down the one shadowed until they are weak before forcing compliance and making them act against their very nature, if the Mage so desires. The main difference is that splinters are a part of the Mage that can leave to find a new host, but a Mage-shadow is merely a portal for the Mage and does not weaken them like a splinter would, and it is unable to leave the person it is inside.

Known Weaves[]

These are the ways the spell and magic are woven together to create the Mage Shadow.

  • Seven Point Weave - seven strands of magic woven together in a tight formation


Human Condition[]

Any disease that humans can have, so can mages. While spells can help cure or prevent them, spells won't always work, if at all.

Magic Signature[]

Every Mage has a special signature that shows who cast a spell. Anyone who knows them and/or their signature has the best chance of removing the spell without too much trouble. Those who do not must tread carefully as they can be hurt or even killed.

High Mages[]

High Mages can be found by the Mage Mark on their arm. The most notable are Xavier, Xaviero, and Xayvion, though they were wholly evil. However, not all High Mages are evil, no more than all humans are evil.

Mage Mark[]

This is similar to the Dragonseeker Birthmark as it seems to only appear in Xavier’s bloodline, though not all of those descended from him or came before him bear this mark. It is an image of a snake, with its fangs out and tail up in warning, wrapped around the belly of a scorpion, whose claws and stinger were ready to attack. Before Xavier and his brothers, the Mage Mark was a sign of great respect. It is also a symbol showing that the mage born with it is naturally of great skill. It looks more like a tattoo than a birthmark.

Mage Familiars and Minions[]

Familiars can be living animals and willing or unwilling to help, due to their higher than average intelligence, unique abilities, and understanding. Or they can be strange creatures forced into servitude, usually dead and/or magically created for specific purposes. Whatever the case, these minions work for a mage for a specific purpose. Some can't even fight their master's hold due to the magic that created them, while others are beaten into submission. Few willingly give themselves over to a mage, and those that do are just as evil as the mage themselves. Those that are created are usually for a specific purpose like tormenting or killing. Others are don't have a reason at first, but are experimented with until they can help achieve the mage's goal in some fashion.

Known Mages[]

Known Types of Familiars/Minions[]