Lucian and his twin brother Gabriel are considered to be among the oldest Carpathians still alive. They are at least 2,000 years old. He is the more powerful brother, a natural leader.

When Lucian began to fear that his twin would become vampire, he pretended to be a vampire himself so that Gabriel would hunt him and thus have a reason to live. Gabriel locked them both underground in Paris for two hundred years before the start of Dark Legend. At the end of that book, Lucian was gravely wounded and ready to die, but Francesca convinced to survive because he has a lifemate.

In Dark Guardian, He finds his lifemate, Jaxon Montgomery, and builds the house of her dreams. He saves her and her partner from a burning warehouse. Though she tries to convince him that her ex-Navy S.E.A.L. stepfather, Tyler Drake, is dangerous, but Lucian doesn't listen. This causes Jaxon no end of worry. When Drake shoots Lucian and nearly kills him, Jaxon makes him life by being a "I told you so" kind of woman.

Trivia Edit

  • In the preface of Dark Guardian, it suggested that Lucian save a prostitute from Jack the Ripper.
    • While he was not directly named, the prostitute that is in the preface was scared because of a man surgically murdering ladies of the night. This incident also happens around the same time in London.
  • It is also suggested in Dark Guardian that Lucian met up with Jesus Christ.
    • Again, he was not directly named, Lucian did say that he met a man that some called "the son of God".