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Lorraine lives in the mountains, trying to meditate and live without anger. However, this is interrupted by three human vampire hunters trying to kill Andor, who turns out to be her lifemate. She attacks the humans with a saucepot. However, the sight of blood makes her ill, which makes her feel weak and ashamed of herself. With her peace having been disrupted, her life gets turned upside down by this Carpathian male.

Her family has practiced various forms of martial arts for generations. Then, one night, two days before Thanksgiving, Her brother, Theodore (whom she called Teddy) got upset when their parents, Uncle Walter, Aunt Janey, and two family friends, Paula and Lincoln Steanor, had set up an intervention. Teddy had been taking steroids to bulk up and his family wanted him to stop. Teddy went to his room, grabbed his gun, and killed everyone before turning the gun on himself. Three hours later, Lorraine came home from college for ba reak and walked in on the bloodbath, making her ill at the sight of blood.

When she met Andor, it was after a battle with seven vampires. After several risings, even with Gary's help, Andor wasn't getting any better. As a last resort, she bound her soul to Andor's. To keep her safe, Gary, Sandu, and Ferro bound their souls to hers. This allowed them to bring Andor back from the Tree of Life. She is then moved to Tariq's compound to be safe.

RESPECT - From the Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

How does a young, human woman find herself respected by a group of ancient warriors? The answer is simple – she earns it. Lorraine, our heroine in Dark Sentinel does exactly that.

The “brotherhood” are group of ancient Carpathian warriors who incarcerated themselves in a secret monastery high up in the Carpathian Mountains. They had become too dangerous to be around humans, but felt that walking into the sun was cowardly. They went there to be with one another, learn to deal with an emotionless life and keep their dangerous longings in check. They’d become so strong and so deadly they needed to remain around those who could stop them if they were to lose control.

The brotherhood was close, living for years with only each other. They all shared a common tattoo; a promise to their lifemate that they would hold on only for her. But, hope doesn’t always come to the gate. They discovered humans could be lifemates and the warriors went to the United States to help a fellow warrior and to look for that all-elusive lifemate.

Hardened warriors with little reason to trust the modern world, or even their Prince, found reason to give their respect to a human woman.

How do you get respect from these immortal men? You show you’re willing to put it all on the line, just as they do. You show that you’re willing to die to save someone else. So, when Lorraine was willing to go to the nether world to try and save Andor knowing she might lose her soul there with him, she earned her place among the warriors. She earned their respect.

Of course, adding a modern-day, spirited woman to a group of serious, old fashioned warriors added some endearing moments and significant humor. And for one ancient Carpathian, it added a great deal of hope and love.

–Christine Feehan, Christine's Blog[1]

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