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A lifemate is a person who is romantically and sexually drawn to a Carpathian. The female is the light to the male's darkness, the soul split in two at the time of the male's birth. The male is always born first so that his soul can be split.


Sometimes the female is born immediately, other times not. Females can even live a full life cycle and not be found by her lifemate, and she will be born over and over until her soul is reunited with her male's. However, there is no telling when, what century, or where she will be born. There is no way of knowing if the man will even be able to hold out to find her should she die. It is implied in Dark Illusion that even the men are reborn, finding his lifemate in the next life only for the soul to be separated once more for them to try again.

It was only in recent years that the Carpathian people found out that psychic human females can be lifemates, with the prince finding his mate in such a woman.

There is only one true lifemate for each Carpathian and a true lifemate is recognized by the restoration of emotions and color in a male Carpathian. Males are fiercely and jealously protective of their females and mates even more so. True lifemates find it difficult to be apart from each other and a total severing of contact—mental and physical—between true lifemates usually ends in suicide. It is very rare when one partner decides to live on without the other. The woman would live a half-life if she were forced to live without her lifemate as they are unable to turn vampire.

Quotes on Female Lifemates[]

The are quotes, some by Christine herself, that explain why women can't become vampires.

You are incapable of becoming a vampire. No woman of the light could possibly do so.

Tariq Asenguard [1]

The women hold the light. That means they can't be evil. They are the goodness.

–Christine Feehan [2]

Women are the keepers of the light. They don't turn vampire. I'd have to change the entire mythology for that to happen.

–Chistine Feehan [3]


Lifemates can't live without each other. They must constantly touch each other's mind. They cannot be apart from each other for long or it can be difficult. Because they are often in each each other's minds, there can be no lies between them. The exception to this, however, is if there is a surprise involved, and it is only due to the fact that is something to make their lifemate happy and not to hide something or hurt them.


Should the male be injured and must go to ground for many days, or if the female is human and the male must sleep in the ground, the sense of their lifemate being dead will fill the female's mind. It can be dangerous as she will feel the need to reach for him on their private path, join him in the ground, or even suicide. For the men, it can cause a sense of madness for a short time. If they are Carpathian, being in the ground next to their lifemate is not a problem and can help but it is very difficult for human lifemates.


The males that find their women from a different species sometimes give them the choice of conversion, but not always. If they do not give them that choice, it is either because they are so used to being in charge that they automatically start the relationship by making all the decisions and want lifetimes with their woman, or they do not wish to risk her mind and choose to live as a human for her. So far, no female found from a different species has been left their original species.

But the main kind of choice is love. Both man and woman want their lifemate to choose them, to love them as they are. While the female can be reborn, and can be the man's lifemate if found in this life cycle or the next or in the other world, the truth is, when his other half is found, it is because she is what he needs. He could have found her centuries ago, but while she held the other half of his soul and still be herself, she may not be the woman he needs. If that is the case, life's special kind of torture comes into play and keeps the two separated. When his other half is what he needs and he is in his darkest hour, that is when his woman usually appears. It is not always the case, but this seems to be the pattern of things. But, after learning who the other is, how they think, and what drives them, the man and woman can confidently say to their lifemate that they are their choice, the person they would love even if everything about their first meeting had been different. This shows that a lifemate is not only the keeper of half of their combined soul, but that they were always meant for each other no matter the circumstance.

Lifemate's Soul[]

It is common knowledge that the other half of the male's soul is within the female. However, should the enemy get a hold of them, the female has a choice: protect her lifemate's soul or hand it over to the enemy. The exact mechanics of this kind of trade-off is unknown. Handing over a male's soul would give the enemy power over the male, who would most likely turn vampire as the other half of their soul is no longer in the light, protecting them. No such instance has knowingly occurred, but it is speculated that when Yana was killed, Xavier took hold of the other half of Draven's soul to make sure he did as the dark mage wanted.

Instances Where A Lifemate's Soul Was In Jeopardy[]

  • Elisabeta told Ferro that she protected his soul century after century, enduring Sergey's tortures and torments so that he could keep his honor. She even attempted suicide to keep Sergey from getting her lifemate's soul. Still, she thought the price to herself was of little consequence as her lifemate's soul was priceless to her, and she was more than happy to protect it, even at the cost of her mind or life.


If the male does live on after his mate's death, he goes into a thrall. Within these few seconds of madness, he must decide to either follow his lifemate or turn vampire. However, if the female is the one to survive, she lives a half-life and only because she needs to live long enough to give birth or to wait for her children to survive without her.

Under-Aged Lifemates[]

In Dark Celebration, and later in Dark Legacy, we see how difficult it is to have a lifemate that is underage, and therefore cannot yet be claimed. Emotions and, in the case of Dimitri, colors have returned to the male. With only emotions, it is easier, but no less of a hell that the male must endure, but with colors and emotions returned, it is far more difficult to resist the urge to claim one's lifemate as everything in them demands they take what is theirs. Both Dimitri and Val talk to their women to make things easier, and help protect them, but stay away for the most part so the temptation affects them less. In Dark Gold and Dark Magic, we are told that Gregori waited five years for Savannah, only waking to feed and coming close to losing himself to the darkness, but we do not see how difficult it was for him.

It is rare, but some men can learn who is their lifemate before they reach sexual maturity. It is a living hell and blessing rolled into one for the man. This is because he can only feel for his lifemate and be what she needs at that time, but once away from her, he is back in that gray and ugly world.Few ever get the chance for that hope and will gladly wait until his woman reaches the age of eighteen, it can also be what causes them more pain and suffering, as he knows she is there but is unable to claim her. The reason for him knowing is often due to the young girl suffering great trauma that has aged her far beyond her years or due to a special ability. Still, if she is sexually mature but not yet eighteen-years-old, he will wait until she has officially became an adult before claiming her.

It is a dangerous situation to find oneself in and many do not envy a man for having an under-aged lifemate.

Married Lifemates[]

In Dark Promises, we learn that Gabrielle had asked Mikhail what would happen if a male found that his lifemate was married to someone else and happy. Mikhail said that the male would either meet the dawn or wait for his lifemate's husband to die before her while hoping that she did not die before him. The Carpathian male would not reveal himself because it would be a matter of honor and keeping his mate happy, but the whole time he waited for her, he would be suffering. However, if for a moment, he felt that his mate was not happy within that relationship, he would at least step in to be there for his lifemate, to be whatever she needed, until she came to him on her own. Christine Feehan pointed to Dark Melody as an example of this.

Lifemates with Children[]

Some women come with a family in tow. The men, and all of the Carpathian people, never mind this. In fact, they instantly bring them into the fold and love them as the treasures they are. If the child(ren) are already born, the male will ensure acceptance of him at first, but will come to care for the child(ren). It is important to him that he has their love, just as it is with his woman, so he doesn't force that feeling on the child(ren).

However, if his woman if pregnant, it is a little different. He will exchange blood with his lifemate no more than twice if he can help it because the Carpathian blood can hurt the child if there is too much given in an exchange. If possible, he will wait for the final exchange until after the baby is born. However, though the baby will still have some characteristics of the birth father, they also gain characteristics of the male Carpathian as well. It is a little different with Carpathian women, as the blood would simply travel to the unborn child, but the outcome is still the same. The woman's lifemate replaces the blood of the birth father in the child's veins during the blood exchange, becoming the child's father. In a way, it is the man adopting the child but in a more profound way than the human form of adoption.

Rights of a Lifemate[]

This is not on treatment of a lifemate or what the man deems fit for his woman. Those things are often left between the couple, with the few rare exceptions. No, the rights of a lifemate is a special claim the male makes. It is him acting as judge, jury, and possible executioner to those that threatens his woman. Not even the prince can dispute such a claim once made. It is the males right and duty to keep his woman safe and he does so without hesitation. No one is safe from his inspection. Every man, woman, and child, no matter their species, that lives under Carpathian rules and in their homes is subject to this ancient law, and therefore, must allow the hunter whose lifemate is threatened to inspect them.


When the one threatening his lifemate is found, he/she is often killed. However, if such a threat came from a child who may not have realized the full consequences of their actions, a different approach is made. They are made to see what happened and hear the sadness from the victims and/or their families. They are then shown what would have happened if the attack had been successful had the hunters not beaten back the enemy. The man that invoked his rights as a lifemate drives the reality home for the child(ren) that accidentally aided in putting his woman in danger. It is the only way for them to realize what they did. It seems a brutal form of punishment, but it is necessary when lives are on the line. Only children under the age of ten are spared the what-if visual as it would be too traumatizing for ones so young. Also, children are never killed in situations such as this because it is them not thinking of the consequences or another controlling them, never out of malice for the targeted woman.

The Ritual Words[]

When a Carpathian male claims his mate, he speaks to her the ritual words (Sarna Rituaali) imprinted in him since birth:

Te avio päläfertiilam.
Éntölam kuulua, avio päläfertiilam.
Ted kuuluak, kacad, kojed.
Élidamet andam.
Pesämet andam.
Uskolfertiilamet andam.
Sívamet andam.
Sielamet andam.
Ainamet andam.
Sívamet kuuluak kaik että a ted.
Ainaak olenszal sívambin.
Te élidet ainaak pide minan.
Te avio päläfertiilam.
Ainaak sívamet jutta oleny.
Ainaak terád vigyázak.

You are my lifemate.
I claim you as my lifemate.
I belong to you.
I offer my life for you.
I give you my protection.
I give you my allegiance.
I give you my heart.
I give you my soul.
I give you my body.
I take into my keeping the same that is yours.
Your life will be cherished by me for all time.
Your life will be placed above my own for all time.
You are my lifemate.
You are bound to me for all eternity.
You are always in my care.

Shortened Ritual[]

This is the way the ritual was recited in early books in the series. It is essentially a short-hand for the above ritual.

I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.

Lifemates Featured in Each Book[]

  1. Dark Prince - Mikhail Dubrinsky & Raven Whitney
  2. Dark Desire - Jacques Dubrinsky & Shea O'Halloran
  3. Dark Gold - Aidan Savage & Alexandria Houton
  4. Dark Magic - Gregori Daratrazanoff & Savannah Dubrinsky
  5. Dark Challenge - Julian Savage & Desari Daratrazanoff
  6. Dark Fire - Darius Daratrazanoff & Tempest Trine; Barack & Syndil
  7. Dark Dream - Falcon Amiras & Sara Marten
  8. Dark Legend - Gabriel Daratrazanoff & Francesca del Ponce
  9. Dark Guardian - Lucian Daratrazanoff & Jaxon Montgomery
  10. Dark Symphony - Byron Justicano & Antonietta Scarletti
  11. Dark Descent - Traian Trigovise & Joie Sanders
  12. Dark Melody - Dayan & Corinne Wentworth
  13. Dark Destiny - Nicolae Von Shrieder & Destiny
  14. Dark Hunger - Riordan De La Cruz & Juliette Sangria
  15. Dark Secret - Rafael De La Cruz & Colby Jansen
  16. Dark Demon - Vikirnoff Von Shrieder & Natalya Shonski
  17. Dark Celebration - none
  18. Dark Possession - Manolito De La Cruz & MaryAnn Delaney
  19. Dark Curse - Nicolas De La Cruz & Lara Calladine
  20. Dark Slayer - Razvan Shonski & Ivory Malinov
  21. Dark Peril - Dominic Dragonseeker & Solange Sangria
  22. Dark Predator - Zacarias De La Cruz & Marguarita Fernandez
  23. Dark Storm - Danutdaxton & Riley Parker
  24. Dark Lycan - Fenris Dalka & Tatijana Dragonseeker
  25. Dark Wolf - Dimitri Tirunul & Skyler Daratrazanoff
  26. Dark Blood - Zev Hunter & Branislava Dragonseeker
  27. Dark Crime - Maksim Volkov & Blaze McGuire
  28. Dark Ghost - Andre Boroi & Teagan Joanes
  29. Dark Promises - Aleksei & Gabrielle Sanders; Fane & Trixie Joanes
  30. Dark Carousel - Tariq Asenguard & Charlotte Vintage
  31. Dark Legacy - Dragomir Kozel & Emeline Sanchez
  32. Dark Sentinel - Andor Katona & Lorraine Peters
  33. Dark Illusion - Isai Florea & Julija Brennan
  34. Dark Song - Ferro Arany & Elisabeta Trigovise
  35. Dark Tarot - Sandu Berdardi & Adalasi Ravasio
  36. Dark Whisper - TBD & TBD

Lifemates Still Unclaimed[]

These lifemates are unclaimed due to age, injury, etc. However, they will be claimed when the time is right.

Other Lifemates[]

These lifemates happened before the series, or should have been but never were. They were mentioned at least once within the series and at least one of the pairs is known. None of them were seen being claimed in a book, with the exception of pair number 4. A brief amount of information is given about each pair. There are several mentioned but never given names and/or histories. As such, they do not appear on this list.

  1. Abel & an Unnamed Female
    • The cause of her death is unknown. Abel is somehow related to the Dubrinsky family supposedly and would become a Sange rau before his death.
  2. Draven Dubrinsky & Yana
    • It was implied that Yana and Draven were lifemates, but she was (assumedly) killed by Xavier so that the sickness would drive Draven mad and allow Xavier's plans to come to fruition. There is speculation that, upon her death, Xavier took hold of Draven's soul that had been within Yana to use for his own plans.
  3. Eric & Celeste
    • They appear in a couple of books and on the Family Tree. Not much is known about them.
  4. Giovanni Scarletti & Nicoletta Sigmora
    • Ancestors to Antonietta. They are on the list only because they had their own book, The Scarletti Curse. Both either have Jaguar blood in them, or Nicoletta was a simple human psychic while Giovanni was descended from the Jaguar people.
  5. Hemming & Catalina
    • Hemming was a Lycan and Catalina was (unknowingly) a Carpathian. Though an unusual and unheard of pairing, they were true mates. Hemming was later captured by Xavier, Xayvion, and Xaviero, dying after Zev and Branislava removed silver chains from his body and allowed him to pass on after so long without his mate.
  6. Iulian Florea & and Unnamed Female
    • She was dying alone in a nursing home in Romania when Iulian found her, unable to claim or convert her. He had planned on joining her in the next world, but then took Xavier's spellbook from Mikhail's house and turning himself into a Shadow Warrior to protect it. Isai and Julija allowed him to rest and be with his lifemate.
  7. Mitro Daratrazanoff & Arabejila
    • Mitro thought that having a lifemate was a weakness and chose to become a vampire instead of tying himself to Arabjila. Arabjila would greet the dawn and pass her abilities on to her daughter, all the way down to Annabel and Riley. All the females descended from Arabjila would love one man and would live a short half-life after his death. Mitro was destroyed by Dax with the help of Riley.
  8. Pater & Velda Hantz
    • Pater gave up his soul long before he found Velda, who lived alone all her life, waiting for him. She still lives, but he was destroyed by Nicolae.
  9. Rand & Maggie O'Halloran
    • Rand never officially claimed Maggie, though their relationship was just as strongly linked. Maggie would later kill herself when Shea turned 18, causing Rand to turn vampire. He was destroyed by Jacques.
  10. Rodaniver & Lucia
    • Josef's late birth parents. Lucia died in childbirth due to her age and Rodaniver followed her into the next world.
  11. Roman Daratrazanoff & Leila Daratrazanoff
    • Parents to Lucian, Gabriel, Gregori, Darius, and Desari. Roman was the Dark One before Gregori. They perished in the Turk Invasion.
  12. Soren Shonski & Samantha Shonski
    • Parents to Razvan and Natalya. Samantha had been killed by a vampire, and Soren abandoned his children because of it. He was later killed by Xavier after he stole and hid the spellbook.
  13. Tienn & Diedre
    • They appear in a couple of books and on the Family Tree as the extended family of Byron. They were given Rand and Noelle's son after Noelle was murdered by the society.
  14. An Unnamed Male & Rhiannon
    • Draven killed him and gave Rhiannon to Xavier in exchange for Ivory. She was later killed by Xavier after giving birth to Soren, Tatijana, and Branislava.
  15. Vlad Belendrake & Eleanor Belendrake
    • Related to Byron, appear in a few books, and are on the Family Tree. They are parents to Benjamin and adopted parents of Josef.
  16. Vladimer Dubrinsky & Sarantha Dubrinsky
    • Mikhail's parents. Vlad was the Prince before Mikhail. They perished in the Turk invasion. Currently residing in the other world, helping their people to go to the Tree of Life.


  • A male will not claim his lifemate before she is eighteen, when she would be considered an adult by human standards. This is to give the female time to grow and learn what a lifemate is, to mature enough (in mind and body) to accept him. It also gives the pair time to learn about each other, as well as allow the girl's family to teach her the basics of her abilities.
  • As far as we know, only one lifemate pair never came together as they should have. Mitro denied Arabejila as his lifemate, choosing to turn vampire. This forced her to live a half-life, and may have had a hand in her ability to mate with a human later in life and to have a child with him. Pater and Velda do not count, as Pater turned vampire long before he found her, not as soon as he saw her. Rand and Maggie also do not count as Rand turned vampire after Maggie killed herself and not before, and he didn't claim her because Noelle threatened Maggie's life and not because he thought of her as a weakness.