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Lara is a member of the Dragonseeker clan. With the help of her aunts, Tatijana and Branislava, she escaped from Razvan and Xavier, who wished to use her as a food source on her eighth birthday. She had hidden for nineteen years only to make her way back to the Carpathian Mountains, where she found her lifemate, Nicolas De La Cruz, at the age of twenty-seven. When he tied her to their bed to keep her with him, dark memories flashed through her mind, making her feel like that little girl trapped in the ice cave. Rather than be held prisoner again, she chose death. Nicolas saved her, looking at her memories and cursing himself for the way he treated her. He refused to put his mark on her, knowing the scars represented evil to her and didn't wish to be counted among them.

After receiving two blood exchanges, Lara is called to help give Raven and Savannah's unborn children a chance at life. Finding out that a parasite is attacking the children, she uses her mage powers to draw them out as they hide from those of Carpathian blood. However, this means that she can't be converted because her mage blood is needed.

In Dark Slayer, she is attacked by Travis, one of Falcon and Sara's adopted children, under the influence of one of Xavier's splinters. She has to be converted in order for her to live.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lara is the first woman to be converted in a book after her own.
  • Lara is the first lifemate to have been introduced in a vision rather than her lifemate happening upon her, or as a child in need of aid or in the womb.
  • Lara's original lifemate was supposed to be Dax, but Nicolas swooped in and stole her away.
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