There several characters with a similar name. You may be looking for Joseph.

Josef's mother, Lucia, died in childbirth. Presumably, his father, Rodaniver, killed himself upon his lifemate's death. Josef was adopted by Eleanor and Vlad Belendrake.

Dark Symphony Edit

Josef first appears in Dark Symphony as an annoyance to his uncle Byron. Josef likes rapping and painting and he is trying to master his Carpathian powers, such as shapeshifting and flying. He is injured by a Jaguar but recovers.

Dark Celebration Edit

Josef is twenty-one years old in Dark Celebration. In this book, he meets Skyler Daratrazanoff and Joshua Houton for the first time after communicating online with them for months. Josef and Skyler become best friends. Josef also performs a rap version of "Jingle Bells" at the Christmas party and falls off the stage.

Dark Peril Edit

In Dark Peril, Josef has developed a computer virus that destroys the vampire hunters' database of psychic women.

Dark Wolf Edit

In Dark Wolf, Skyler, Paul Chevez, and Josef travel to the Carpathian Mountains to rescue Dimitri from the Lycans. Skyler is badly wounded and Dimitri has to take possession of her soul to keep her on this plane of existence while Josef feeds her his blood to convert her into a Carpathian.

Dark Promises Edit

In Dark Promises, Josef is looking into the database of psychics from the Morrison Institute, searching for human women that could be possible lifemates.

Dark Legacy - Dark Sentinel Edit

We are informed that Josef is heading to the U.S. Stronghold that Tariq runs, though we do not know when he will arrive.

We do not know if he will be appear in Dark Illusion, or if he is still on his way the San Diego.