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Jaxon is a police officer and lifemate to Lucian Daratrazanoff.

Dark Guardian[edit | edit source]

When Jaxon was seven years old, her father was supposedly killed on a SEAL mission. In actuality, he was murdered by his teammate, Tyler Drake, who married her mother only a year later. Tyler was a good stepfather to Jaxon, teaching her about weapons and tracking, but he was very abusive to her mother and short tempered with little brother, Mathew Jr. When Jaxon was fifteen, Tyler killed her mother and younger brother, then disappeared. Jaxon was taken in by Russell and Bernice Andrews, who were gruesomely murdered by Tyler two years later, along with their daughter who was on break from school.

Due to her tortured past, Jaxon Montgomery was a troubled woman. She became a police officer and was about to raid a warehouse at the start of Dark Guardian. She was shot several times, but Lucian saved her and healed her. They took down Tyler Drake together. They went on to fight vampires together and Jaxon is the first human heroine we meet to actually fight vampires in her own right, alongside her lifemate.

Dark Celebration[edit | edit source]

She and Lucian are in the Carpathian Mountains for the first ever Carpathian Christmas party, where she gives her allegiance to Mikhail like any other warrior, though he tells her it isn't necessary. She tells the prince in return that she is doing it anyway, showing him that she wants to be seen as a warrior equal to her lifemate. She also expresses concern over Gregori playing the part of Santa Claus at the party.

Dark Curse[edit | edit source]

She is one of the warrior women who attends the Warrior's Council and gives a voice to the issue of women learning how to fight. While many men are against it, those who have lifemates that are warrior women respond that knowing that their women can defend themselves, and even aid in battle, gives them some peace of mind. When Gregori points out that Lucian's attention is divided when she is on the battlefield, Jaxon questions her lifemate, who says that he is confident in his abilities to protect her if necessary and that's why he isn't opposed to her fighting beside him, but this upsets her because it puts him in danger.

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