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Jaguars are a supernatural race that are all but extinct. This is thanks to the male's nature, males attacking their women, and influences from Xayvion. There is little to no hope of bringing back this magical species. They do live long lives, but not near as long as Lycans or Carpathians

Because the men mate with a female of their species only to leave once she is no longer in heat and refusing to stay with them, the females took human husbands that would love them. Some men tried, but their wanderlust would get the better of them and force them to leave. Thus, the bloodline has thinned over the centuries and many of their descendants have lost the ability to shape-shift. No matter if they are in human or Jaguar form, they call their children their cub and the women protect them fiercely until the child is old enough to protect themselves.

There are descendants of some Jaguars that have bred out the need to leave from the males and have strong family connections, though the most notable is the Scarletti family in Italy. However, whether from Xayvion's influence or from their own twisted mind, some males started kidnapping and raping Jaguar women to keep their species pure. They would keep the females, child and adult, that could shift, and the males that could shift were recruited or killed. Any who were unable to shift were considered to be of weak blood and killed. Luckily, since the death of Brodrick the Terrible, such events have started to slow down, but the damage to the species as a whole may be irreversible.

It was suggested by Byron Justicano in Dark Symphony that the psychic women that some of the males find to be lifemates could be of Jaguar decent, though no evidence has yet been found to support this.



Jaguars are able to shift between their cat form and their human form, with no form in between.

Night Vision[]

Like their non-magical counterparts, Jaguars have excellent night vision, bordering on inferred vision.


Some Jaguars are able to read minds, but not all of them.


Unknown at this time.


Jaguars usually don't hold funerals because they tend to burn the bodies. They do, however, bury the ashes. That is, if the Jaguar attending the body has any honor. Otherwise, they burn the body and leave the ashes for the wind to disperse. It is rare for the body to not be burned by a Jaguar, but it can happen, especially if the one finding it is not a Jaguar.

Known Jaguars[]