Gregori was born in the Carpathian Mountains a quarter of a century younger than Mikhail Dubrinsky. Both grew up together as close as brothers. After losing his family to the Turk Wars, Gregori followed Mikhail's lead in quickly establishing order and saving what was left of their people, becoming Mikhail's second in command and bodyguard as well as instrument of justice to their race, hunting the vampire.

He is shorter than most Carpathians but also has much larger muscles than most males of the species. Due to some experiments better left unpursued, his once coal black eyes are now a burning silver.

Dark Desire Edit

He was very close to losing his soul while healing pregnant Raven Whitney, so he marked her unborn daughter Savannah, manipulating the outcome of their union even before her birth. He waited until she was twenty-three years old to claim her.

Dark Demon Edit

In Dark Demon, Gregori loses his hand while protecting Mikhail during a battle with Maxim. However, because of the Dubrinsky-Daratrazanoff Bond, Mikhail was able to regrow his hand.

Dark Celebration Edit

Dark Celebration is the book where Gregori is pranked into playing Santa Claus at the first ever Carpathian Christmas party, much to every male's enjoyment and to every female's horror. However, Gregori and a pregnant Savannah turn it around and provide the children with a Christmas they would never forget.

Dark Slayer Edit

In Dark Slayer, Gregori is the first to back Razvan and Ivory, having seen Razvan's memories. When the ancient hunters track the couple, Gregori tags along but seems be making fun of Vikirnoff and the others, even pointing out that they are fighting snowmen at one point. After the hunters find out that they had been tricked, Gregori says that Ivory and Razvan never accepted Xavier's book, passing their test, but that the hunters had failed their own. Later, Gregori had to ask Ivory to perform an untested spell to save his daughters with great success, for which he was forever grateful for.