She studied art in Paris and that is where she met Charlotte Vintage, her best friend and fellow art enthusiast, though they both have been pen pals since the third grade. Together, they went to the Morrison Center for fun and both of their tests were off the charts. Afterwards, both women felt stalked. Then, Vi's grandmother was brutally murdered, followed by her then boyfriend weeks later. Both had their throats ripped out and blood drained. Shortly after that, Charlie's mentor, Ricard Beaudet was murdered the same way. When Charlie's brother was also murdered, leaving behind three-year-old Lourdes, both women moved to the U.S. to care for the orphaned child. But they still felt followed, which led them to Charlie's lifemate, Tariq Asenguard. Despite all of the things she has been through and learning of the existence of vampires, she feels she needs to return to Paris for some strange reason.

In Dark Legacy, it is revealed that, though she is independently wealthy, Vi has taken a job to watch Tariq's four foster children, Danny, Amelia, Liv, and Bella, and little Lourdes.