Gary is an American scientist who slowly became integrated into the Carpathian world.

Dark Magic Edit

We are first introduced to Gary when he was in the Vampire Hunting Society. He had created a paralyzing agent to be used on Carpathians, but the society turned it into a poison that caused pain. He confronted other members about it, only to be put on their hit list. He gained the respect, and friendship, of Gregori for his courage.

Dark Celebration Edit

It was revealed that he had Jaguar blood in his veins, though he had no knowledge of this but his sister did.

Dark Wolf Edit

He fought in a large battle along side other human allies, became mortally wounded, and was eventually converted.

Dark Blood Edit

After conversion was finished, Gregori made Gary his brother and all Carpathians refer to him as Gary Daratrazanoff from that moment on. Gary now carries the weight of the Daratrazanoff ancients and duties.

Dark Promises Edit

He attempts to bind Gabrielle to him in the way of the Carpathian people, but he can't do it. When she runs away, hurt by him saying to wait until he knows what is happening, she takes colors with her. Then, seeing her at the monastery the next rising, he gives into her, saying they will spend fifty years together, away from everyone and everything, when vines reach out and grab her. Aleksei, Gabby's true lifemate, appears and attacks Gary. Seeing him causes Gary to loose all of his emotions just as quickly as the lost of colors. He continues to surprise Mikhail and Gregori by showing that he could think clearly after so suddenly loosing everything. He flies back with the two Carpathians, acting like a true Daratrazanoff and protecting the prince with honor. It is revealed that he has become a vessel for the ancient Daratrazanoffs who hadn't found lifemates during their existence and he had aged a thousand years in a few short days, even feeling the darkness close to the surface so that no hope is left behind. It looked as if the Gary that Gabrielle knew was gone, replaced by a true Daratrazanoff, and an ancient one at that. Trixie, Teagan, and Gabrielle helped him find the location of his lifemate, sending him to France.

Dark Legacy Edit

He plays a major part in helping Dragomir and Emeline, helping to rid mother and child of parasites. Though the ancients from the monastery do not trust him at first, they all see he is a great healer and warrior. He also becomes Tariq's second in command in the Carpathian Stronghold in the U.S., acting like the Daratarazanoffs before him. Though his lifemate lives in Paris, she is still an infant, but he knows when she was born and that she is alive, which is more than many others like him. He was the one to get Elisabeta from her cage so they could take her to Tariq's compound to heal and to be safe.

Dark Sentinel Edit

Gary aids Andor as a healer. However, with Andor so gravely wounded, he had to try and retrieve him from the Tree of Life. He did this for several risings, but had to eventually call on the aid of Lorraine, Andor's lifemate. He, Sandu, and Ferro bound their souls to Andor and Lorraine to protect Lorraine, as she was still human at the time, while she bound her soul to Andor's.

It is currently unknown if Gary will make an appearance in Dark Illusion, but we do know that Christine Feehan has plans to give Gary his own book.

Trivia Edit

  • Gary remained a human friend to the Carpathians longer than any other, lasting from Gregori finding him in Dark Magic to him waking up after his conversion in Dark Blood.
    • That is approximately 23 books total.
  • He is the first non-Carpathian to be seen in a relationship with a Carpathian female.
    • Arabejila is the first Carpathian female to choose to love a human and conceive a child, but we do not see this relationship.
  • Ever since his appearance in Dark Magic, Christine Feehan knew that he would be converted, but it wasn't until Dark Wolf that the conversion took place.