Elisabeta had been missing and believed to have been dead for many centuries, taken when she was only twenty. However, she had been taken by Sergey, though none of his brothers knew of her capture. Because of her time with the vampire, her entire life had changed. She had been trained by Sergey, knowing disobedience meant pain. She was so used to obedience, she even fought her instincts to bring blood back to her hands after her manacles were undone. Dragomir found her in a cage in their underground city below San Diego, where she would obey any male that gave her orders, fearing their wrath. With her was Julija, who was in her twenties, and Elisabeta tried to protect the young mage even knowing the consequences. Sergey kept Elisabeta because she kept the negative traits within him at bay so he can think clearly. She was turned into the same rock her cage rested on. After the spell keeping her from speaking was removed by Julija, Gary told Elisabeta to leave, even helping her out, though she was hesitant and even wanted to return in fear. Because of the long years in her cage, she fears the outside world. She was taken back to Tariq's compound for healing, where she would be for the next three weeks. Once she is healed, her brother, Traian, will be contacted and informed of her condition.

In Dark Sentinel, we find out that Elisabeta is still at the compound, healing. Ferro, who needed to heal from some mortal wounds sustained in a fight, heard her muffled cries beneath the soil and knew she was his lifemate.

It is uncertain if Elisabeta will appear in Dark Illusion, but we do know that Christine Feehan has plans for her and Ferro to have their own book.