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Elisabeta is the long lost sister of Traian Trigovise and lifemate to Ferro Arany.

Dark Legacy[edit | edit source]

Image of Elisabeta's cage from the Dark Legacy trailer. Used by Sergey to keep her from escaping, keep her from hurting herself, and to hide her when he didn't want her found.

Elisabeta had been missing and believed to have been dead for many centuries, taken when she was only seventeen. However, she had been taken by Sergey, though none of his brothers knew of her capture. Because of her time with the vampire, her entire life had changed. She had been trained by Sergey, knowing disobedience meant pain. She was so used to obedience, she even fought her instincts to bring blood back to her hands after her manacles were undone. Dragomir found her in a cage in their underground city below San Diego, where she would obey any male that gave her orders, fearing their wrath. With her was Julija, who was in her twenties, and Elisabeta tried to protect the young mage even knowing the consequences. Sergey kept Elisabeta because she held the negative traits within him at bay so he could think clearly. She was turned into the same rock her cage rested on. After the spell keeping her from speaking was removed by Julija, Gary told Elisabeta to leave, even helping her out, though she was hesitant and even wanted to return in fear. Because of the long years in her cage, she fears the outside world. She was taken back to Tariq's compound for healing, where she would be for the next three weeks. Once she is healed, her brother will be contacted and informed of her condition.

Dark Sentinel[edit | edit source]

We find out that Elisabeta is still at the compound, healing. Ferro, who needed to heal from some mortal wounds sustained in a fight, heard her muffled cries beneath the soil and knew she was his lifemate.

Dark Illusion[edit | edit source]

Elisabeta is staying in the ground, afraid of facing those at the compound and her lifemate. We get a glimpse into her state of mind. She was conditioned to ask males permission to speak, and conditioned to follow orders or someone would get hurt, as Sergey often used this method to make Elisabeta feel guilty that she caused others to receive punishment for her and to keep her in line.

Dark Song[edit | edit source]

Elisabeta finally rises to a new and frightening world, where Ferro waits for her, and Sergey is willing to sacrifice everything to recapture her. Julija and Lorraine are there to help her when needed as well, and all of the Brotherhood give her their protection. Unfortunately, if she tried to remember her past, she suffered great pain, as if her mind rejected the young woman she had been and her brother. This is because Sergey did his best to stomp out her past.

However, Elisabeta feels she is unworthy of Ferro. She sees herself as a woman too scared of everything, as nothing. She has forgotten most of the things Carpathians normally do and how they act. She suffers from agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), decidophobia (fear of making decisions), anthropophobia (fear of people), and the fear of being without Ferro, who she sees as her lifemate and master. She likes when Ferro gives her rules to follow because she likes rules, though his rules throw her for a loop when he says she can say no to everyone, speak to him and other women freely, and touch him at will.

After being claimed and exchanging blood, the first thing Ferro did was ask her to make a choice between dresses and trousers, and this scared her. He told her he like dresses and she could choose between his two favorites, wearing "one today and one next rising." This was a nice slow way of getting her used to making her own choices rather than throwing her in it all at once. The second thing was taking her out for a walk around the compound, which terrified her because of open spaces, people, and the fact that she had forgotten the mechanics of walking, having to shuffle next to him rather than walk. Other things that many Carpathians take for granted, having learned them as toddlers, she has to learn and takes joy when she feels Ferro's pride.

It is revealed that Sergey tried to take Ferro's soul from her, to gain control of her lifemate. It was the one thing she would not give him, and she suffered greatly for it. Several times, she attempted to kill herself only for the vampire to bring her back as he needed her to have emotions and think logically. In the end, Elisabeta bravely held onto Ferro's soul, and considered her mind a small price to pay.

As burn-like infections spread through the compound, meant to destroy it from within, Elisabeta is the only one who can stop it. It is a difficult thing to do when she does not like to be around people she doesn't know, or in large groups.

Later, she reveals that not only had Sergey used her for her ability, but when he was forced to hide her in the room while his brothers were there, he had Elisabeta repeat and explain what his brothers were talking about. This meant that, though Sergey was cunning and merciless, Elisabeta was the genius behind the vampire, though he never let her know it and even began to believe that he was the genius instead of her.

When it is revealed that Gary and Tariq want to talk to them, Elisabeta is frightened. She knows that Ferro is upset and trying to protect her from one of them. Showing the extent of her ability, she reads Gary's mind and sees how he plans on killing her so that Ferro would lose his honor and turn vampire. Ferro reveals this knowledge to them. Tariq decides to trust Ferro and Elisabeta with the secret of the Council, much to Gary's displeasure, and Elisabeta and Ferro agree to help her try to remember where she may have heard of a missing piece, even agreeing to help hunt for it and return it to the Daratrazanoff family.

The Quiet Strength: Dark Song[edit | edit source]

I think it’s easy to see acts of courage when there’s a battle raging all around. It’s easy to see when the villain is obvious and engaged in evil. Our hero and heroine show their courage when they fight that evil either physically, psychically or perhaps with magic. But, there’s another kind of courage and strength that is often overlooked and that’s the courage of emotion.

If you think about it, being brave in light of overwhelming vulnerability can be the hardest fight of all. The scars can be the deepest. Losing an emotional battle can change you just as a physical fight can.

There’s a quiet strength to both Ferro and Elisabeta in Dark Song. Hers is perhaps more obvious. She’s fighting years and years of abuse. Years of being told she’s worth nothing. Years of head games and horror. Now, she’s escaped and every day, every decision she makes for herself, is an act of courage. Sometimes the greatest courage is not giving up. And smoldering beneath that vulnerability and fear is a quiet strength few see. But before it’s all over, her courage will surprise them all.

For Ferro his quiet strength is even more subdued. He’s a fierce warrior and even the other ancients fear him. He has a reputation from centuries of fighting. So, when his lifemate needs him as her shield he becomes that without fanfare. Without thought. He simply becomes what she needs regardless of how that makes him appear outwardly to the others.

As a couple their strength is in their patience with each other. And later, when everything falls apart, it is in the total trust they must give each other in order to survive.

–Christine Feehan[1]

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