Dominic is an ancient of the Dragonseeker lineage.

Dark Curse Edit

He takes on the task of playing spy and drinks a vile of Destiny's blood, which is full of parasites. He does this because he knows there is less risk in him turning than if any other unmated male were to do so. He leaves before anyone can begin discussions, knowing that the enemy would have a foot hold on his mind because of the parasites and didn't want them to know any plans his people were making. At his request, rumors are spread that he is the first Dragonseeker to ever turn vampire.

Dark Peril Edit

He is nearing the end of his endurance when he finds his lifemate, Solange Sangria. It turns out that the Jaguars that the vampires and human butchers are teaming up with are hunting her so that Brodrick can force his daughter to breed "perfect Jaguars" with him. Dominic has to keep himself from drinking Solange's blood as he has learned that it kills the parasites within him. Later, when he and Solange make love for the first time, he uses a condom, not wanting to infect her with parasites. He and his warrior lifemate systematically take down every enemy within the Morrison compound, freeing innocent women and killing Brodrick, ending the nightmare for the doomed Jaguar race. They stay near the De La Cruz Ranch so that Solange can stay near her cousins, but they do not live on it, enjoying the freedom to travel as they please.

Trivia Edit

  • Dominic is the first and only Carpathian to have ever used a condom.