When Destiny was a child, her parents were murdered by a vampire who kidnapped and abused her. She cried out telepathically and Nicolae answered. He taught her everything he knew about killing vampires and she became a lethal slayer. At age fourteen, Destiny killed the vampire that had killed her family and tortured her for years. She never regretted that, even though she thought herself evil for many years.

Destiny made herself protector of a section of Seattle. Through her support of a women’s shelter, she became friends with MaryAnn Delaney.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though the parasites were first introduced in Dark Descent, Destiny is the first main character and lifemate to have them within their body.
  • Destiny is the first female vampire hunter to appear in the series.
    • Jaxon did not start out as a vampire hunter, having started after her conversion, whereas Destiny actively hunts vampires like many Carpathian males do and learning as a child like they did.
  • Destiny is the first person to be converted by a vampire.
    • While Alexandria exchanged blood with a vampire twice, she was not actually converted by him, instead, she was converted by her lifemate, Aidan, afterwards.
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