They are a musical group formed by the "lost" group of Carpathian children. They travel like old-fashioned minstrels or troubadours, from town to town, city to city, never employing outside musicians or technicians and always performing only their own songs. If anyone notices their not aging, they pose as their own descendants. Savon's death, their lifestyle of being up all night, and their pet leopards caused the Vampire Hunting Society to take notice and target them.

*NOTE: This is classified as a character only because the band members are rarely apart. However, each band member has their own personality, and their own stories (with the exception of Barack and Syndil), and so they each have their own page.*

Members Edit

Barack: drummer; can play almost any instrument

Darius: group coordinator and Desari's bodyguard

Dayan: lead guitar player, writer and composer of their songs

Desari: lead singer

Syndil: keyboard player and drummer; can play almost any instrument

Children Edit

So far, three children have been born to members of the band. Darius and Tempest have Andor and his unknown twin sister, and Dayan and Corinne have Jennifer.

Appearances Edit

Dark Challenge Edit

Gregori sends Julian to protect the band members from attacks by the Society of vampire hunters. Julian meets Desari and claims her as his lifemate.

Dark Fire Edit

The band hires Tempest as their mechanic. Darius claims her as his lifemate. Barack claims Syndil as his lifemate after Cullen Tucker warns them that the Vampire Hunting Society has targeted Tempest.

Dark Melody Edit

Dayan meets his lifemate Corinne when she comes to see him play with another band at a bar. She is attacked by some human butchers, forcing Dayan to call in the band and Gregori to aid in her conversion. Barack forms a blood bond with Cullen to save his human friend's life.

Dark Celebration Edit

The band is visiting the Carpathian Mountains for the Christmas party and perform for the crowd.

Dark Blood Edit

The band is in the Carpathian Mountains still. Darius welcomes Gary into the family with Gregori, and all of the band members enjoy an impromptu party that was started by Zev and Branislava.

Dark Sentinel Edit

The band traveled to San Diego and is currently aiding Aidan after he was attacked by many vampires. The combined works of Darius and Julian is what is helping Aidan as he heals.