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Books Anthologies Characters
1. Dark Prince
2. Dark Desire
3. Dark Gold
4. Dark Magic
5. Dark Challenge
6. Dark Fire
7. Dark Dream
8. Dark Legend
9. Dark Guardian
10. Dark Symphony
11. Dark Descent
12. Dark Melody
13. Dark Destiny
14. Dark Hunger
15. Dark Secret
16. Dark Demon
17. Dark Celebration
18. Dark Possession
19. Dark Curse
20. Dark Slayer
21. Dark Peril
22. Dark Predator
23. Dark Storm
24. Dark Lycan
25. Dark Wolf
26. Dark Blood
27. Dark Crime
28. Dark Ghost
29. Dark Promises
30. Dark Carousel
31. Dark Legacy
32. Dark Sentinel
33. Dark Illusion
34. Dark Song
35. Dark Tarot
36. Dark Whisper

(The Scarletti Curse is a standalone book, but the lifemate in Dark Symphony is a direct descendant of the main characters. Also, there was a short web series of the events that take place before Dark Prince, called Before the Dark: A Carpathian Prequel.)

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Future Release Dates

NOTE: These dates can change, so it is best to check at Christine Feehan's official site. Also look on her other sites, such as Goodreads and Facebook, for more information and even backstories into your favorite characters and updates on future works.
Title Cover Type Date
Dark Melody Paperback July 27, 2021
Dark Song Paperback August 24, 2021
Dark Tarot Hardback November 9, 2021
Dark Destiny Paperback November 30, 2021
Dark Tarot Paperback 2022
Dark Whisper Hardback November 1, 2022

* Based on the trend, unconfirmed
** Place holder

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