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This is the twenty-first book in the series. It tells the story of how Dominic Dragonseeker and Solange Sangria came together. You Are the Very Heart of Me is a music video that was created specifically for the book and uses the lyrics that Dominic and Solange sing to each other.


Dominic, of the Dragonseeker lineage—one of the most powerful of the Carpathian lines—is desperate to go to the very heart of the enemy camp and learn their plans.  There's only one way to do so: ingest the parasitic blood of a vampire.  He knows that it is a mission from which there is no return. With little time before the blood takes effect, he'll get the information he needs, relay it to the leader of the Carpathians, and go out fighting.  There is no more honorable way to end his life.

Solange Sangria is one of the last of the Jaguar people, a royal pureblood, a dying species that cannot recover from bad decisions made over hundreds of years. She has long been alone, fighting to save the remaining shapeshifters from the hands of Brodrick the Terrible: her own father, who slaughtered her family and everyone she loved.  Wounded and weary, she plans one last battle, hoping to stop the man who has made an alliance with the vampires, accepting that she will not come out alive.

They are two warriors who have lived their lives alone.  Now, at the end of their time, they find each other—an obstacle neither can hope to ignore.

Christine's Notes[]

I wanted to show a fierce warrior willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good, so I took Dominic who thought there was truly no one for him and had him ingest vampire blood in order to infiltrate their group. But before he could carry out his plan he finds Solange, the ultimate Jaguar female warrior. Together they were unstoppable, but within their relationship she could be vulnerable to him and that was beautiful. We should all be able to let our guard down and relax and feel safe with the one we love and they had that with each other even as chaos was beating at them.

— Christine Feehan



  • This is the first book where the non-Carpathian lifemate didn't undergo the fires of conversion.
  • This is the first time we see a song fully fleshed out that is sung between lifemates.