This anthology contains Dark Descent, the story of Traian Trigovise and Joie Sanders, with never before seen pages. As an added bonus, Dark Dream, the story of Falcon Amiras and Sara Marten, is also included.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In a cave of mystery and wonder deep in the Carpathian Mountains, bodyguard Joie Sanders encounters a most remarkable being. Proud, strong, immortal, he is called Traian - an ageless hunter locked in a life-and-death battle with enemy vampires - and he will be her salvation in a labyrinth protected by the ingenious traps of a mysterious ancient race. What awaits them in the darkness is not known, and each step could be their last - as their destined path leads them toward a fiery passion that will illuminate the perilous dark night


Christine's Notes[edit | edit source]

Dark Nights will include two short Dark Series stories: Dark Dream (previously released in After Twilight & Dark Dreamers) and Dark Descent (previously released in The Only One & an older version of Dark Prince). In this version of Dark Descent, there is an additional hundred pages. I rewrote it from the original version as I felt it was too short. I do not plan on doing this for the other re-prints, but I hope you enjoy the newest version of Dark Descent.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Characters in Dark Dream[edit | edit source]

Characters in Dark Descent[edit | edit source]

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