They were masters of the darkness, searching through eternity for a mistress of the light…

Lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours, Dayan was renowned for his mesmerizing performances. His melodies stilled crowds, beckoned, seduced, tempted. And always, he called to her. His lover. His lifemate. He called to her to complete him. To give him the emotions that had faded from his existence, leaving him an empty shell of growing darkness. Save me. Come to me.

Corinne Wentworth stood at the vortex of a gathering storm. Pursued by the same fanatics who’d murdered her husband, she was risking her life by keeping more that one secret. Fragile, delicate, vulnerable, she had an indomitable faith that made her fiery surrender to Dayan all the more powerful. This was the one woman whose loss would destroy him, even as her love promised to heal his soul.

Trivia Edit

  • Dark Melody is the first book to have the female lifemate have a disease and/or birth defect that would have made the binding ritual difficult.
  • This book also had the longest wait time for the binding ritual's completion at 17 chapters.
    • There are only 19 chapters in this book.
  • Dark Melody is also the first book to feature a pregnant lifemate.
  • Piatkus edition (UK)
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  • Spanish Cover
  • German Cover