This is the twenty-eighth book in the series. It tells the story of how Andre Boroi and Teagan Joanes came together.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

He wasn't civilized or tame. He had his own code and he lived by it.

Monk. Bounty hunter. Vampire slayer. Andre Boroi has spent centuries battling the undead, holding out against the dark with honor. But now, gravely wounded by master vampire Costin Popescu, Andre will be easy to track—his spilled blood marking the killing trail for Popescu and his hungry band of underlings. Andre's only chance is to disappear into the gray mist of the Carpathians. To wait. To hope.

She had a healing touch and a scent that was his lifeblood.

In the mountains in search of a precious crystal, geologist Teagan Joanes suddenly finds herself hunted by those she once trusted. Then she comes across the warrior—wounded, wanting and irresistible. Andre has been craving her for an eternity: his lifemate. Her warmth envelops him. Her scent pulsates. And with every beat of her heart, Teagan surrenders to a passion she can't possibly comprehend.

Now they are bound by destiny, but is it enough to keep them safe from a stalking, relentless darkness that threatens to swallow them alive?

Christine's Notes[edit | edit source]

This would be the first time we actually go to the monastery. Andre was one of those characters that I fell in love with. He'd been a secondary character in other books, but finally he would have his own and I needed someone worthy of him. So, I gave him Teagan who was so very fun to write. She was like me in that she talked to herself and the things she thought were things I would think if I were in her situation. I really bonded with this character. She is a fighter and as she is trying to escape danger to herself she finds a wounded warrior and looks to help him even though she's pretty darn sure she's gone from the frying pan into the fire.

— Christine Feehan

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the second book in the Brotherhood Arc.
  • On page 249, there is a reference to The Exorcist.
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