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Brodrick X (or Brodrick the Tenth) is a royal pureblood Jaguar, as well as a rare black Jaguar. For centuries, his family was the example the Jaguar men followed, and they showed that the men should feel entitled and that women should serve their men, not be loved as people in their own right. Brodrick encourages his men to rape Jaguar women to create children that don't have human blood in them. If the women can shape shift, he kidnaps them and they are forced to be broodmares for him and his men until the woman dies. However, if they couldn't shift, he killed them, deeming the children, women, and men as trash that is unworthy of living, though he and his men would torture and rape the women before killing them. When he heard of Solange, he wanted her so that he could have more pureblooded Jaguars. However, when she revealed herself, he was confused but her words sunk in, and he knew she was his daughter and the Jaguar princess. If he had gotten his hands on her, he would have tried to create as many royals as he could with her despite her being his daughter. However, Dominic found Solange, and they fought against Brodrick together, and ended his reign of terror.