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Ladyathena1 Ladyathena1 1 April

Dark Series Quotes

So, I am thinking about either creating a page for quotes or adding quotes sections to the book/character pages. This is due to the fact that I love to look them over and relive the memory or get a sense of deep meaning from them. So, I would love to hear what your favorite books are. When putting it down, you can use the quote template or write it out. Examples shown below.


This is real easy to use, especially on a computer or laptop.

) or a blog post. Both are great options.

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Ladyathena1 Ladyathena1 28 July 2020

Best to Worse: Ranking My Favorite Males

Here is my list of men. This list will change when we learn about other men, they will be added, and some may move up or down the list. Some are tied only because I could not decide if I liked one over the other.

  1. Gregori Daratrazanoff
  2. Ferro Arany
  3. Manolito De La Cruz
  4. Dragomir Kozel
  5. Dominic Dragonseeker
  6. Josef Belandrake
  7. Gary Jansen-Daratrazanoff
  8. Mikhail Dubrinsky
  9. Darius Daratrazanoff
  10. Zacarias De La Cruz/Riordan De La Cruz
  11. Razvan Shonski
  12. Jacques Dubrinsky
  13. Lucian Daratrazanoff/Gabriel Daratrazanoff
  14. Rafael De La Cruz
  15. Julian Savage
  16. Andor Katona
  17. Isai Florea
  18. Aidan Savage
  19. Nicolae Von Shrieder
  20. Vikirnoff Von Shrieder
  21. Dimitri Tirunul
  22. Dayan
  23. Fane
  24. Andre Boroi
  25. Falcon Amiras
  26. Tariq Asenguard
  27. Maksim Volkov
  28. Fenris Dalka
  29. Barack/Dax
  30. Aleksei
  31. Zev Hunter
  32. Nicolas De La Cruz
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Ladyathena1 Ladyathena1 14 November 2018

Book 33, Dark Illusion... Thoughts?

So we have Isai and Julija paired up for Dark Illusion. What are your thoughts on this?

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Ladyathena1 Ladyathena1 15 August 2018

Dark Sentinel and Aiden Savage

Aiden injured?! Oh no! Christine Feehan has said that she will not kill off any HEA couples, but what does that mean for Aiden?!

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Ladyathena1 Ladyathena1 21 February 2017

Favorite Characters

I like Gregori, Gabriel, Destiny, Vikernoff, and Savannah! (Not in that order.)

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Ladyathena1 Ladyathena1 21 February 2017

Waiting Sucks!

I can't wait for Dark Legacy to come out!

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