Blaze McGuire was raised by her father, Sean McGuire, after her mother left when she was four years old. He named her Blaze because of her flaming red hair. An ex-Marine and a boxer, he taught her about weapons, explosives, self-defense, boxing, martial arts, and street fighting. He owed a bar that she inherited when he died.

At the start of Dark Crime, Sean had recently been beaten to death by mobsters as punishment for not selling the bar to them. Knowing the mobsters would be coming for her next, Blaze set a series of traps and waited for them to arrive so she could avenge her father. Her last act was to dial the phone number of a stranger who left a business card with Sean a couple weeks earlier. The stranger had told him to call if he needed protection. Unbeknownst to her, the man at the other end of the line was her lifemate, Maksim Volkov.

Blaze and her best friend Emeline later descended into an underground master vampire's lair to rescue some psychic children: Danny, Amelia, Liv, and Bella. They saved the children, as well as an ancient Carpathian hunter named Val Zhestokly, but the master vampires escaped.