There are multiple characters with a similar name. You may be looking for Andre.

André is a solitary Carpathian. An aloof man of few words and restless eyes, always on the move. He is about a decade older than his friends Fen and the triplets Lojos, Mataias, and Tomas.

When André was born, his mother went mad. She never acknowledged him and his father neglected him to care for her. André took solace with the human Boroi family: Ion (father), Dorina (mother), Euard (son), and Elena (daughter). On the same day André's father killed his mother and then himself, his uncle Ciprian murdered the Borois and viciously wounded André. After that, he stuck to himself and became a powerful hunter.

In Dark Ghost, he is battling Costin Popescu, a master vampire. He plans to kill Popescu and allow himself to die from his wounds. While he is healing in a cave, his lifemate, Teagan Joanes seeks refuge there as well. She was looking for a special stone or gem to help her grandmother, Trixie Joanes.

Then, in Dark Promises, he watches Gary and Aleksei battle while Gabrielle is tied to the wall of a monastery. During that time, he can feel members of the Vampire Hunting Society working their way towards the monastery, even witnessed them shoot at the three owls that were Mikhail, Gary, and Gregori. While he knows that Trixie is among them and tries to tell his lifemate that the reality is he might have to kill her beloved grandmother should she stick up for the human butchers.