Before the events in Dark Crime, her parents were murdered, supposedly by Vadim Malinov and his underlings. They knew they would have been separated if put into foster care, so all four siblings took to living on the streets. Blaze and Emeline helped her older brother, Danny, 15, when the vampire takes his sisters hostage. He was injured but still willing to risk his life for his three sisters, Amelia,14, Liv, 10, and Bella, 3. After he and his sisters were rescued, Tariq Asenguard pursued guardianship over all four of them so that they could stay together. In Dark Carousel, when Tariq finds his lifemate, Charlotte Vintage, she is more of a mother than a sister and puts her trauma aside because Liv had it worse. However, she eventually opened up to Charlie and said how the vampires had bitten her neck and breast, as well as tested her ripeness for baring children, whispering it to her future adopted mother. In Dark Legacy, it is revealed that Vadim has somehow turned her into his spy, causing much discord between the ancients at Tariq's compound. Gary, Dragomir, and many of the ancients wish to use her as bait to lure Vadim out and end his reign over Emeline and his other victims. Just like the other children, the ancients created a stone dragon at the compound just for her.