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Alexandria is twenty-three years old in Dark Gold. She became the guardian of her younger brother, Joshua, when their parents died in a car wreck. She lives in San Francisco and is a graphic designer. She gets captured by a vampire after it had killed Henry. It wasn't until the following night that she was found by Aidan, who mistook her for a vampiress and nearly killed her. Instead, he finished the conversion and turned her into a Carpathian.

In Dark Sentinel, we learn that Aidan was attacked and injured in much the same way Andor had been, and is currently healing. Due to heavy vampire activity in New York, Aidan is moving there to cut down on their numbers, and perhaps setting up a strong hold there. It is well known that when Aidan needs aid, even if he disapproves, she goes to him, with Stefan to help her if necessary. She now takes Joshua as well, who has grown into a fine young man willing to aid his family against the vampires.

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