He is one of the ancients sent out by Mikhail's father. He spends most of his time at the monastery in the Carpathian Mountains, refusing to seek the dawn or turn vampire, with many other ancients. He is one of the ancients that helped protect André and Teagan in Dark Ghost, though he wasn't named until Dark Promises. He and two other unnamed ancients had stayed to the shadows while Fane provided blood to the couple.

Then, one night, he hears the screams of the one woman who holds the other half of his soul. Gabrielle Sanders. How does his lifemate repay him for trying to save her from a male trying to hurt her? By attacking him and defending Gary! Aliksei sees red after being humiliated in front of other male Carpathians.

Aleksei is very dominate and scary, but his love is just as strong, counteracting Gabrielle's submissiveness. Together, they find a balance and happiness, despite the rocky start.